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Chanel Rachel Mckinnon

My tongue had went numb for a second. She told me that my fists were amazing, yet, she never held them long, without switching her grasp. Electrifying is the mist of lies, when you’re inhaling all it’s blue. Then you … Continue reading

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(+) + (-) = (-)

I’m going to start pointing out every single positive thing I do, since everyone seems to be stuck on the trend of, pointing out negativity. Humanity has lost it’s Humanity. We’ve been conditioned to believe that hate is…alright, as long … Continue reading

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You’ll be finite tonight.

Sadly left hand has died, trying to save you. Screaming winds at you, trying to cyclone your aura, nevermore. Strings of seaweed for my sorrow, and a once upon a time dream of home, made out of tomorrow. Where’s my … Continue reading

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