You’ll be finite tonight.

Sadly left hand has died, trying to save you.
Screaming winds at you, trying to cyclone your aura, nevermore.
Strings of seaweed for my sorrow, and a once upon a time dream
of home, made out of tomorrow.
Where’s my crown?
Many a distance on foot, I’m breaking my body down concrete, with more stamps on my cards, PEAK
Passport’s getting full….let me Åctivate your stars, SHEIK, show you what I’ve been missing…..what I’ve been kissing, THOUGHT – to be brought down to my knees over some distraught.
I never stole a thing but my integrity Black like cocaine inverted, over distractions by TV covertly…are your heels comfortably hurting?
And I ask that because mine are killing me, like my head when I think of drinking infinity….let’s be


, I don’t want to live no more, I want to take heart where the home is..then show them that they don’t know what love is…because….
You can’t tie inches of yarn to love honey….so cut the fucking cord…
And that’s all the tuck I never wanted, you don’t know how to love your sun sonny, take initiative, before she gets me out of hair….which I’d dread….locks and chains all over my body…cool.


We so cool, it feels cool, we so cool…..god damn…I swear we so cool…now let me walk on that glass incubator, with you locked inside my chest..







About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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2 Responses to You’ll be finite tonight.

  1. Sheila Moore says:

    Very intense. Nice to see you posting. It’s been a while, no?

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