(+) + (-) = (-)

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

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I’m going to start pointing out every single positive thing I do, since everyone seems to be stuck on the trend of, pointing out negativity. Humanity has lost it’s Humanity. We’ve been conditioned to believe that hate is…alright, as long as it’s not too much. We’ve lost connection with our own planet, consequently, we lost connection with ourselves, an others. Disgusting, it really is, but that is the world in which we inhabit. Yes, it stems from the “higher ups”, but that is no excuse as to why YOU are still a sheep, being directed by your shepherd. You cannot half love someone, nor can you half hate one. The world is black and white, because you manifest those thoughts, into physical reality. Stop being half-assed lovers towards your family, peers, strangers, acquaintances etc…because in REAL-ity…all the people on this planet ARE connected, an ARE essentially…YOU; this is not an opinion, or some strung out- media laugh “hippie” or “Miss Cleo –esque” words which I am typing. THIS IS THE TRUTH. WAKE UP. Stop being a slave, stop eating everything you are force fed by the tel-lie-vision, (also known as television) radio, news feeds etc..etc.. You are a light being, encased in this physical shell, this, vehicle if you will, driving through this dimension. You don’t support slavery, and the murder of people do you? No? Then why do you support negativity?!?!!? Yelling hurtful words to your children, fighting people, looking down on others, judging, labeling, downplaying etc ARE ALL THE SAME THING. There is NO SCALE to measure hate, who told you that there was? Society? HAAH! Whether you abuse your own kin, or shoot students with guns on a college campus, it is all HATE = NEGATIVITY. WHAT DO YOU GAIN FROM IT? WHAT DOES IT HELP YOU ACHIEVE IN LIFE? The answer: NOT A FUCKING THING. You are DESTROYING yourself, every time you cast hate, it may not be apparent on the outside, but surely…the affects will show. What…? You think your body/soul doesn’t react to hatred? You still think this “real” world is unaffected by those “Science fiction” concepts? Keep thinking that, you’ll reap what sew. Keep thinking this reality, and 4th dimension is just made up physical, tangible things, and bla bla bla… If I still accepted the concept of “pain” – I would say that it pains me that I am living amongst such distasteful, enslaved, ignoramuses….but, I do not. I love each an every being on this Earth, and I will not let the lack of knowledge, from others deter me from that love. Keep love, an only love. Peace.

PS: Ask YourSelf this – When you were born, did you come into this world WITH negativity…hate..? Or did you come into this world through LOVE? Ask yourSelf this question again.



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3 Responses to (+) + (-) = (-)

  1. As long as you do not go hog wild with it, this technique works wonderfully when you put it into action.

  2. Chris says:

    Do you watch television? If so, why? Why do you support tv programming if it’s “poison?” If not, then explain what makes television so different from you being on the internet?

    • I do not watch television anymore. The difference between the television, and the computer is, unlike the internet…the television you have no domain…over what you watch, or view. Everything you view, has been processed by the government in which you belong to. For you even ASKING….and putting the word “poison” in quotes…shows me what you’re about. Wake up. Peace.

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