Chanel Rachel Mckinnon

My tongue had went numb for a second. She told me that my fists were

amazing, yet, she never held them long, without switching her grasp.
Electrifying is the mist of lies, when you’re inhaling all it’s blue.

Then you think to yourself, I don’t need any other kind of gold around

my neck. So you stop mining, and keep your soul aligned with this

element, whilst the transmutation, and fusion of others, happen

periodically. You notice your neck oxidizing, like the flesh of

Liberty, it’s not as real as you thought. Soldering Aluminium was so

pleasurable, you found Iodine…..unfortunately, you were 26 steps

behind AUnique substance. Swallowing it all, drowning yourself in

Flourine, because you thought you were Strontium, and became yo

A Chandra X-ray Observatory image of the Siriu...

ur own

Krypton…fool, Karma….for the ones you’ve bonded with atomically,

and left to sit, dry, and die.
Die a death we are, because the Gods are in the mirrors of our

bathrooms. Stuck complaining about the demise we created for

ourselves….how I miss you green Arsenic; thus the eight legged

scientist can only manipulate his tail, to spill poison into the mouths

of sleepy conscious Goddesses…they’re so lovely, but where’s her crown King? Oh.


About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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