A New York thing you need.

Because I don’t want to mind you, or bother you, step a little closer.
Everything from soul to salt, tasted a bit backwards under one-thought over.
And you’re mad at me, head submerged in Fluoride sadly, unhappy, with more love to give.
From the songs I’m unable to listen to, seemed pale like plum mud.
It’s a monument to me with the aqua blue blood, here’s a glass of Sunshine. I’ve garnished it, so make sure you’re home by 4am, or else I’ll have to throw you against the wall again, back against my chest. Rest apple nose, rest; keep your  clocks on me, I’ll show you how I move through time, and between your legs, with more teeth showing, our eyes in our heads.
“How you like it?”


And just like that, therapy was fixed through a hat, a belt, an anything else we didn’t do that night to jeopardize our health.
I love you, us, we love me too. Go back to the promise you made, after I plucked two.


“I think you’re so……you’re so…….you are…..baby I…..promise me that….I’ll give you….you’re great……in time….everything.”




About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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One Response to A New York thing you need.

  1. KaiJana says:

    I have no negative words, no criticism. This is amazing, I read it four times, the words are well put together. This is great, King. Peace.

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