Ajuourn El Bey

Chapter: Array (1)

Time: New Moon.

Location: Spleen

:: Scream ::

“Well to be honest I was never in love” he said

The church bells started to echo with dead words, and the sun had already collapsed towards the other side of the spheroid. His legs still enswathed off the roof, still ignoring the Paresthesia caused by the pressure against the concrete, and his heart. He hath no heart, so said the rumor spread by zi vampires. They never got any blood from him, and kept sucking. He never minded the pressure, as always.

“I love you, and I believe with every cell in my body, that your stars connect beautifully with mine” he said
“Stop talking….” she replied

A majority of the night was spent placing love in different dimensions. Never did the warmth of another soul illuminate such epidermal flowers, and just like that, a tongue danced around with an ear lobe, and they never complained for…the skin is the only organ, that the body contains, which doesn’t mind a little company.. all the while.

“I’ll probably end up marrying you” he said “then, well, I haven’t really gotten to that part yet”.

She smiled so comfortably, her canine teeth fell asleep, and somewhere, some organism felt an overwhelming sense of completeness, and cotton within her mouth. Lovely times like these, the body processes blood better, and regulates the temperature.

“Everything you need, and nothing you want. I will hold your hands until we’re decapitated from this life. You won’t need any sight, where…..where……… I’m willing to take you” she whispered

An as all whispers go, some saliva had started to mutate the heart rate of the listener, and sped up the mind to grab her face with the left hand, bite her lip, and run the other set of finger nails down her spine.

This was the start of something unseen, implanted, and waiting to grow.

“Because like soil, I too know how it feels to have things anchored within. I overstand the ways of beings growing within me, and without. I acknowledge the growth, that is harvest; a removal of the plant, and the lost essence of what was. So with that said, I plan on killing every living molecule in your body. Let me be your God” he said with a somber tone, so innocent.

:: He put on his shirt. He liked the way it still fitted him over these days. Walked out the room, and started to draw up pictures in his mind, on how to kill someone so sly, they supported the cyanide in their lemonade. Anything for that woman. ::

:: She got ready, pulled her second skin all over her body, shouted at her hair with the mouth in the middle of her palms, and departed towards her occupation ::

She never did notice that knife between his tongue, it felt too amazing to slow down, and check what kind of weapon he’d already reloaded.

“I like the way he grinds his teeth” she said to herself.

I wonder who heard her…



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