Phxina Cornaux Psidel.


Chapter: Nothing (0)

Time: Solar noon.

Location: Root

:: Reboot ::

“Alright” he said

And just like that, her face exploded into thirteen trillion pieces of paper. Frozen with thought, perplexed with answers; didn’t know whether to pick them up, or leave the pieces of herself littered over the floor. A sunder tone for what was once elation, a breath of fresh air, your mother annoying you when he wouldn’t stop kissing you.

Reaching across the table from an outdoor Café, barnacle-like to the corner of the block, Leilu Green, finally addresses her weeping willow of a friend.

“Love, any more tears, and I believe you’re going be the reason the solstice doesn’t happen” she said, whilst drawing an imaginary \ X / within my hand.

It’s cold outside without alcohol rampantly prancing around in your bloodstream. I had no time to listen to anything else she had said, or, was about to say. I signalled the waiter.

“You’ve got change for a…….huh?! What’re you….what are you doing?” shouted Leilu, as I took flight.

I threw ¥9,643.53 on the table out my pocketbook to shut up, and take care of any negativity we’ve caused ourSelves, and the Café.

“Where are you going, Phxina?!” yelled Lady Green, with a face almost matching her last name.

Figured I’d be the one to pay the bill, I’m used to it….

And there she goes, evaporating away confused, from an even more perplexed friend. By the time she looked back, Leilu was that of a melting mirage.

Strutting down the glassy streets, abrading her ring with her finger nail, and jolting her eyes around just enough, as to not drown in the ocean of Humanoids in the city. Dodging fleshy bodies, manoeuvring through vehicular animals , so many lights, so many fools, and so many people not concerned with your issues.

And now it’s vibrating between her thighs, an outside force, forcing its way against her flesh..

“Dratz, I hate cellular phones” she said with a hand on hip, like cream on whip.


“Bla…bla eeheh..bla!” that’s what the beginning of all conversations sound like honestly, to be…honest. Hm. They warm up as the talks go on…

“Nobody gives a fuck, and no I don’t smoke cigarettes. Listen, okay……well yeah, that’s if my weekend wasn’t destroyed. No, yeah………….yeah that’s fine. Alright, well, I’ll let you know”


Such a pristine statue, her indigo skin, smile still unsure and questioning, let go silly.

:: Sigh ::

“All I wanted to do was, go to one party, and fall in love. I’m so tired of wearing makeup, so tired of dancing, and sleeping alone. Mmm..I need to wash my hair.”

And as everything sped off into a flux of accelerated time, she remained still. Her animation was no longer synched within the third realm, for she hath leaked out of mind, and soul, and dripped into a bottle peppered with paranoia, along with the pressing forgotten scent of Nostalgia. Seconds, minutes, but not hours, seemed like blue flames tugging against her Jacket, which she did not answer; ignored like her phone calls. Except this one, which sneaked passed her security.

I’m trying to imagine what you look like, when you’re smiling, after I kiss you” said the nobody person, that Phxina wanted so badly… to be her somebody.

And yet again, another pair of lips, to seal away some pain, nobody else in the universe knew of. Vain, the advice is. Poisonously vain.
“Listen if he…”

Not listening of course, she continued to eat…

“hmm these socks are so cute, too bad I’m the only one that gets to see this. Auughhh, Why am I still hungry. I better not be pregnant, as if I could….be.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I’ve got to go though, so remember, if I don’t call you….then, well, yeah.”

False promises to a lie she once believed, but by the time she realized this, she’d already ran out of black nail polish. How disappointing.

I hate this.”

Effortlessly, was the sleuth whom gazed upon too many diamonds in the sun light. The melanin wasn’t enough to protect, she’d already given up mentally.

:: steps outside, she lights a cigarette……throws it in the street ::

“I’m better than this. Why, **sigh….. Who am I?”

:: breaking away from her scene, zooming out above her head, her city, the clouds, the atmosphere, and back into space ::

Somewhere, some cosmic power is being ignored. A one way mirror, in which Lady Psidel had no idea she was on the other side of; kept thinking there was only one reflection of Self. Remain, and wallow within indifference, and carbonated drinks.

Nobody is going to catch you when you fall, so use your spine to break your fall, buttercup.

……Everyone else died later that day. She, immortal.


– Richí


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I drink glasses of cold water.
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