Wheels in Sanskirt.



Chapter: Typhoon (III)

Time:  around 120 million years ago. Couple weeks ago.

Location: Heart

:: Sirius Stars ::

“I can put you on Mars.”

Tricked you, oh how he tricked you. She lay there, tears boarding down her olive cheeks. So beautiful, so Earthy, so Original…like a star weeping before super nova. Quivering lips; this time, not from some flesh rod boating down her rapids….wet…no, from sadness this spasm was spawned.

“Cheer up Phxina. You’re too fronzenly beautiful to be so distraught. You taste like a grape, your lips remind me of them, and, I don’t need to miss you anytime ever. I love you” he smiled.
Probably not the most trusting smile, nor was it the most devious. He meant well, but the direction in which his stars galloped, it was left up to the outsider, coming to do well; he was always fluid on his part. Little Phxina, big hair, Jazzy Melanin skin, felt relapse, poisoned, but still not done. She accepted more venom, and 2 sugars this time. She liked things sweet perhaps. Willingness, the suicides, it looks. She looked at him, with defeat, and diamond like bliss…and said

“Ajuourn, how I love your Self. You’re great. Yes, let us reboot” she spoke, and lay back into his fires. Blu flame. Got you, oh how….

“I’ll activate your stars lady, just cushion your lips, and give me your yours.”

She won today, lovely fun parade. Laughing dandy glee, tears dead dry sea. Blissful, so blissful. Love won today. Shell like souls they locked away, few times on end, oh yay, yes they.

Sexy spirits…eh?



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