Baby you can find the light.

I too have smoked Nostalgia on another day’s time. It’s been some moons since we last touched, making up the made up, with your makeup brush; but who am I, or, what am I rather, that you can’t see all the blood within my laughter….guess someone else kept you busy during the days after. I’m quite replaceable, an only require water to work.

“What is this feeling?” she asked
“Love” he smirked

Lost in the desert that is my mind, everybody wants a slice of my ice.
I’ve given away too many frosty shavings off my block, my future, hope it
be not, I rue..
I’m still looking for something, that’s not quite you.

I’ve missed me.




About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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One Response to Baby you can find the light.

  1. Tina Gifford says:

    Hey Bwoy! Send me an email. It’s your Grandmother who needs to hear from you.

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