Be my dead Valentine (blog)

Clownfish in coral reef environment

Clownfish in coral reef environment (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been fascinated with the Human being for a long time. As a little kid growing up in a third world country, you tend to be more connected with the land, due to not having the luxuries of Western World distractions; the land includes the people. The more you delve into the fleshly faces, the more you see past the regular behavioral patterns, and the masks that persons have been known to wear. A double edged sword of sorts, for the little boy with light brown hair who dedicated his spirit to understand those around him. I adapt quite well, octopus to coral reef, and the more I grew, the more I held on to the concept of naturalness, and leaving things in their natural state. Reading minds, bodies, an auras became routine; loathed this ability. I started seeing people as car manuals, and by the trillionth time I lost my virginity, nothing impressed me. I’d speak with people, and the moments in which they were responding to me, within my head, I was saying their retort as soon as it came out their mouths. It’s as if we studied the same script, and I was using the telepathy, they couldn’t dig; with that said, I kept on watching people walk off of cliffs in front of me, and I let it continue. Usually (infrequently) I’d always want the gazelle to outrun the Lioness, but found myself outside my house, placing ants in Spider’s webs. It never struck me how much I’d pay for upsetting that balance, for, now I was placing others within my own web, and yes, I knew the outcome before we even kissed.

How does one go about laughing at a joke, when they can see the punchline written on the comic’s nostrils?

I laugh anyway….I guess that’s my problem.

Carry on..



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2 Responses to Be my dead Valentine (blog)

  1. inikowaters says:

    You may be able to predict my reactions, but it’s the phantom inside where the creativity lies and…if you don’t want to love that ghost, you’ll never really know the host. Light lover.

  2. inikowaters says:

    Predict my reactions you might, but it’s the phantom inside that shades in the light. If you don’t feel love is owed to that ambiguous ghost, you’ll never really know its host. Light lover.

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