Biomimetic Design

The observed superhydrophobic and self-cleaning property found with lotus plants leaves is called Lotus Effect. In some Eastern cultures, the lotus plant is a symbol of purity. Although lotuses prefer to grow in muddy rivers and lakes, the leaves and flowers remain clean. Botanists who have studied lotus leaves have found that they have a natural cleaning mechanism. This cleaning mechanism was discovered by Wilhelm Barthlott in 1982 he also holds a patent.  Lotusanis a paint brand that introduces the tecnology found in lotus leaves. In the future self-suficient buildings  will incorporate this kind of materials and many others that Nature by her wisdom privide.

La propiedad superhidrofobica y de autolipieza encontrada en las hojas de la planta de loto es llamada Efecto Lotus. En algunas culturas, esta planta es simbolo de pureza a pesar de que crecen en rios fangosos y lagos. Botanicos han estudiado es el mecanismo de autolimpieza de…

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