Blue Years

Bluebyrd plum

Bluebyrd plum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


how much different was life for you…like, 2months ago?

Did it make you happy?
Did you like all the drugs, did it make you cum? How was your sleep that morning? Delicate haunting, tongue kissing instead of yawning…I guess some people should just be….equipped…with a warning.
You’ve been crying through my mind all day girl.
You thought you had it all, still, you believed in  fall….and no leaf is going to save your pretty ass…
Unless you’ve broke it all down, rolled it up, and talked your lungs into adopting a puff.
Ignorance is bliss, floating around with you and nothingness…I don’t need to know anything else….besides what you’re thinking about.
And I ask because, I use your thoughts as oxygen. Each breath of yours speak life into me again, or so it seemed…seeing your teeth gleam, like some bright beam of fluorescent gas..I’m listening.
I’m a great listener…I could listen to you all night.

Think about that, before your twist your lips…the way that used to ignite me.



About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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