Rival destinies: consuming Seal.


Enough trees to bathe the forests four times over, rolling on tattooed shoulders with my face stoned like boulder. Rolled. Heat. Combustive medicine into something lovely for my heroine. She kissed the white twice, and polluted the surroundings, quite astounding with eyes slit to opposite poles…underneath the optics, contained what seemed like…height, strangled blood red stop light sight.
Powder noses, mirrors glass, doors open on the keys…
Swim through liquid, think about things we shouldn’t do tonight, but we’ll end up there anyway.
Right before the streams of plasma are tinted, we sign contracts out of air that bounds are souls to a Shinigami, the death God of our tonight…..lungs dancing in twilight, brain waltzing away with the water vapor in the air…and it seems like we do not care.
Liquid words, dehydrated sounds, cups kings, and Queen. Glasses to the sky, tipped, burn   trip, down the tunnel. My kind of colour.

More fun out of light, and no action without love in sight.

Drink lots of water, you kids look so…




About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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