These Eyes

What do you know?
Wonder if you knew who you were looking at.
Love me, blow, over yonder, where I’m putting that..tragic love, and under flightless doves, holding hands like we don’t see. Me.

I like this lightless, cold breath during sex on the nightless…time. Maybe it wasn’t the best puzzle I’ve ever put together, but my do we make a good hand. it’s okay on a bright blue day to worry about skies so gray, in the future…it’s only us to say.

These nights have been sharp, the blood in your stomach has been tart; I can see you everywhere..your face follows me in the gates of the park. You remind me of ripples in an endless dispute with water, vibrations…will you marry me in unholy matrimony out of order[?]


I’ll drink the chaos that dripped down your chest, and ran off your nipples from your bouncing breast..I miss your mouth installing your breath, till my head explodes, and I waltz back down from a cloud in your lovely lap painted death.

You could end up saving my life. Love.



About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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