Shucking the oyster

Since I’m so selfish, let me be reimbursed for all the drugs I fed you like shellfish; allow me to kiss you, and inhale all the marijuana I’ve invested in your lungs, reload the bullets in my guns, then pay me back for the all drinks I said “nah I got you” from my gums….trying to flex on me like confused tongues, I’m not the fucking one.
Use a screwdriver to rip open your knees, and reimburse the cartilage I’ve lost from these trips, please, shit, selfish people really make long trips…pay me back all my tips.
I could use the money to help us forget each other faster, pay my future phone bill, or kick it with someone who digs the slick master.
I wasn’t selfish when I got you and your harlots high, ‘o the irony…my…my..
Wasn’t selfish when I sacrificed my health to hurt, staying up all night till the next day..knowing I had work, but that’s the thing…….nobody gets called these harsh words when they’re catching their fling, but at the first peep, when the unappreciated people speak…they get shut down, and ran over with labels like feet….my nigga please, refill my wallet on some real shit, because not even on no sneak tip, since I’m so selfish, please….

give me back all my shit.




About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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