You’re all mind

You’re like my green forest tree reaching out to the stars, grabbing Mars, like fuck everyone else, I need you to Uni-nurse me back to alkaline health
Your skin cocoa, chock full of…melanin…pluck your body with my Gun, like Hendrix numb, off plant matter, and LSD under the tongue
You’re like a song I once sung, in the shower at another place abandoned in the lapse of false man made time…I’d make your body into crime…………………..…………
I like crime, a needed fit, and I could always do the time….


I just never believed in it

Can’t take my mind off of you, hate when I’m dying off of you…


I’m always getting high off of you, blue, your shoulders like a cliff I kiss, the overview\\

Dumb love, young as fuck, high any time, slowly lost our mind. What is mine?

Well, that’s you.


– Richí



About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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