Chapter: Seafoam (4)

Time: in the ever. your quiet moments

Location: The Throat

:: White ::

“Who’s that?”

Still sound….everywhere refracted off the molecules of everything, no movement, until he blinked.

“What is this?” he said to Self, “Why has everything so colourful, faded. Why am I a lighter grey?”

It seemed as if he were lying to himself, on the ground. Vain woes, and more things to throw away in his mind. Still no volume, music, or lips in the air; before he knew it, an oscillation of pressure ….exploded through his face, pushing the top half of his head through space, so much, it squeezed his eyes through time…and in that glimpse of another dimension, his top row of teeth, nose, eyes, and scalp, could only shed tears at the sight.
And there he was, a floating half head…..in a sparkling dimension of reality.

“Stupendous, but why? I haven’t the slightest idea how these images are…”
Magic. That’s what they used to call him, and now that is what tore through the rod cells in his retina. The rhodopsin swirled around in his eyes, as reality in paint splattered all across his perception.

“Nothing is real. Where am I? Where the fuck am I?” he said with lips ajar.
“Here” responded …?
“Perhaps, though I always thought of mySelf as, well…you..”

Ajuourn felt like Papaya trees were expanding within his stomach, and smelled the aroma of fruit coming up through his esophagus, and tripping out his nostrils. Felt as if sugar was dripped, I V, into his tear ducts, and an amazing escape of ecstasy molested him into a pool of orgasmic wind; death couldn’t be this sweet.

“How does it feel to look at yourSelf?” said the familiar figure.
“It feels…as if I have too many questions for you” he replied.
“Is that so? You’d better pull yourself together” replied the twin.

She stuck her hand out, and grasped the floating half of Ajuourn’s face, and pulled his bottom jaw, down to his toes, through to her dimension.

“You have a vagina. How is this, I mean, you, how are you me?” he asked with a light whipped cream lust.

“King. Don’t think of yourSelf, anything higher than the creator. We. The duality, mirrors, refract, reflect, and the twins. Innerstand, you.”

The words seemed almost as if they were kissed off her lips, into the air, giving a cyan flavor; actually, that is exactly what she did, for, in this reality, she was Nature. What lay, glowing, warm, pink, wet when activated, a triangle with the capstone waiting to be licked; the universe behind ankles. Melanin, encased within porcelain skin, painted with coloured matter. Her hair bled black into the air, like a floating sea thirsting for absolutely no attention.
One of her words, equaled sixteen thousand in comparison to the regular soul. Goddess?

“You’re fucking amazing. You know that. I know…I know that you know that! I am reading your thoughts, my…mine, my thoughts? Amazing. What the hell is this place?” he jumped around asking.

She exhaled clouds of blue mountains, and spoke

“Me. Everything here is me. I’ve known you for so long, tell me. Tell me about the chapters in your life that I have missed.”

He looked at her.




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