Linear wine

Our eyes kissed through cannabis mist
Miss, I thought you were my friend
My mistake

Then as of late
my mind has been a lake
and I think about the nothingness we decided to make

Reindeer glances next to alcoholics and their glasses
tapping your shoulder
having sex with your reactions

What is it that they wanted?

“whom?” said she
“A Mushroom afternoon, my little lady gloom, in a couple of months after liquids exchanged
in your room we loom” said doom

As paranoia smokes
the drugs take close
then your bloodstream started to feel frost from my coax

Coke to cope, sugars and rope, thigh to thigh….
who heard…
Who knows..

Succumb to scum
not me lady
you lost your faith forgot my brace

You probably forgot my face
but moaned when owned
on top my throne…
little by lot …fuck…thrown


Walk the city streets crack an all, I see through those eyes like I’ve never been home
And maybe, just maybe we cross

Everywhere was hair, to the skies of most….your eyes are so closed…skin so night….

Within so tight, and as hard as I might…I came out your everything…

marry me never, rewind space and remember this…before you turn around when tapped on your shoulder miss…

Close your eyes…and never kiss, the image of my existence…..through that cannabis mist




New Years zombie.

And I…wonder, what you are
Because my….thunder was a stolen star
Don’t you…..wonder, who we are…
Because you’ll….never know…just see glimpses of me…on the same train, but this time, we’ll ride in another car.

Come kill me beautiful.



About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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