Dear, dear

what a beautiful sickening year

But the way we tasted crystal made life more sugar cane than air

And all I could hear was the clouds throwing up rain…uttering “I love my melancholy, I love being here”

Get down for the sake of Self with warm scalps simmering from broiled thoughts

The black cloths of the universe holds on to ankles of frost….energies of cold that soon take hold

Lacerates the throats of negative goats

And stews the tools of positive ya and yay joys and smiles ….the rain started stray away from the boat

I kept sailing….

in this bloom of time, on this liquid, the lucidness follows the unseen

Looking at her with eyes to gleam, on she time, stepping through light, and green

…..beautifully melanated light being…sail with me, our hair it grow…never long ago, for time was a forgotten concept to us a float…down a sea of thousand woes

we looked flawless though..


Still drinking mist with the high distilled in instant

Frozen in love, the time soon bind, two, one,

….the mind….

I wonder if everything is mine….


– Richí


About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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