Your feet might not touch the ground today
But you felt so lemon in the grey weather blaze
Lick your lightning till you like them..collapse
Perhaps I should have met you through a ghost door..relax
I’m all fur to your fox scarf small like “fuck me, let’s talk about not and maybe dock”
‘ who want your soul, who’s wanting death clocked?
Guard your pierced body like a shadow between the dark…bite my hair like the bark within central park…against Cleopatra’s needle kissing under blue crabs of the Gods…

Give me hell, give me spark

Donate my heart, and paint my art on your pink arch

You’re a gift to me like Hennessy on a bench sinking into the …tear drops..

Could I never not find my lips atop your bottom and your top ones..zeroes and ones , our matrix of fun activated on our last day in the sun

Love me, don’t get out..come, run to me, run to me…’oo..come, toss me like moss off tree, to the ground of decomposition, and rhythm to the earth’s sound..

I’m glad it’s you I found…minding the black gold of the universe in cubed chunks

Ripped you from the dark purple core of a black hole which you’ve sprung, and once saved, you enslaved my skin with your tongue

I can identify you from tasting your gums..woke up in another tear in the dimensions of my bliss…when I made you come, on…run…run to me..

Byes are never, through airport glass under thick dark night weather

Can’t hear what you’re saying, but I’m sure it’s “I love you too”


A wave goodbye, and just like that….love flew away, so I could fly right back.




About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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