I need lunch

Tell you what I’ve got.

Got these..things


I ask because, they won’t.

Cool, you look like you don’t… but you remind me of seasoned salt on kitchen floors,


‘oo….hang around


which….is kind of down, but, you said that frown was worn around this town…..mm…how that sound?

Sounds like water to my small eyes, that only see the sea you never drowned in…we…we’re like thought..

                          left on..

someone else’s brain who adorned the cloth….whether win or loss, these coins you toss….so lovely, I’m reminded of melted frost being cuddled in the arms of Amazonian moss….


C’mere…c’mere, I want to know about your odds-

Tell you what I’ve got.

Got these….dreams yeah..

Buildings surround soil pots, complimenting my almost smiles, and dead clocks….how strong….I feel the love ascending through my locks….


So…what boss?


this is a cross, that does not cross .


Tell you what I’ve got.

Got this love yeah….this love. Of this lifetime, I walk on a green line…and in the next lifetime….the harder the stone, more juice from the lime.



I’ve got……






About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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