Tongue bebop

You’re like the follicles in my skin
Sewing love deeply in…
I face you in the wind
off a cliff’s side
in to what we could never not be, so dear, let’s not be.

So, we can love each other without any of the old normality…’o..

You make me stop mid-sentence because you’re so………….


Like I mentioned before…so tense….

Light in you like Kale, looking at you, reading eyes needing you, like hands touching you..this Braille relation tastes like wind off the tip of a sail.
I’m the splash to your whale.
You remind me of lemon juices on enamel, smiles and whispers…undulating under sheets phantasmal.

What to do….but screw the drive into an I love you.


– I


About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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