Partial arts


Hold me tight you hold me close
Watch me wither like a rose
Petals falling to the ground
Let me hear you say
Baby don’t you let me go
My planet is slightly cold
Radiate your ultra violet love I’m sold
Apparel stitching from Japan
Flying the love straight through your hand
Down to your soul into the sand, damn what is the plan
We might never know we know
Saying no is my plateau
You’re making my heart beat slowly so..
That glow in your soul is a newly woe
Telling me I’m not mySelf…as above so below
Tell me yes, I’ll tell you no..

Grow like the seeds I’ll surely sow, sleep like the wind in tunnels closed
My island coast love lovely host
Felt your lips upon my nose, our eyes could never see a pose…where our feelings came to a close…did you ever feel a bit ghost….

Could you read me?
I wonder if you really see me, see the mirror on my soul to see we
I’d really like you to read me
Touch my flesh like the ink on pages
Bleed me

Never wonder if you need me
You just want to be me
Connected so close you feel me
My parts your parts never part

Frequent waves we don’t need sea
Vibrate the shape of hate to make it easy…

They wondered if you’d ever leave….



About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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