Soul eater


I sat down today
Can’t escape, following me
You’re cracked across the face
Ready, jet set, radio future
We’re dancing, organic walls
Questions, answering
Chelsea Pier, New York
You were so easy to talk to
What a spark, be the naked breath in the dark for us
Indoors, under air, I’ll be whatever you fear
Because after all That’s only fair
What else would you need in this world besides care?
Who could ever leave you, oh no-no my dear
Listen here, if I ever had words to make you share
You’d drip cement in one ear, an allow the wind to solidify, so that you cannot hear

I am the head without hair

All of what was, I’ll remember to adhere
Drink the tear that was meant to tear…me

You look like…mm, no, but…where is she?



About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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2 Responses to Soul eater

  1. samuraiblood says:

    Before I joined WordPress which wasn’t that long ago, I followed you on Twitter. I admired your form of writing and starting reading this blog, now that I have a WP I find myself going back to read them because they are just the greatest. Please keep writing

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