Pyramid kissing scheme


Seeing what these eyes were meant to view
The lonely few sitting under star light blue
Thinking about all the what he did to who
You, with your whatever glue
Holding the old broken pieces, never new
Me, laying here with a clue
Dreaming about the nobody I never knew
Who got the juice?
Hair everywhere
What you got to lose?
Besides the care of your repetitive yesteryear
You don’t even care
But you’re so afraid of fear
You’ll do anything to never not be with your …dear?

“Oh, dear!” I said, looking at my beer
“You remind me of these roasted hops dancing over my tongue, you delectable plum..” me, and my drooling remark, whilst you remain silent with a trillion and four thoughts snapping away, like lost electricity in the dark

Snap-snap through the park



About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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