Smooth Oscillation

SONY DSCAlign your nose to the star and say “life is grand”

Boomerang smiles to the mountains, heel and toes taste the land

 As you arrive in the valley, notice the shape of it from where you stand

Resembles the “M” on the metacarpus in the middle of your hand

Within Self you have found maps

With these maps you have found facts

Through these facts your skin begins to relax

And your pores facilitate smiles, small pools, and shores

This is the life, have it

Born into the ocean of your Mother’s planet

upside down, exhaling bubbles until you meet the land, ‘ we planned it

Our control theory, living in this dynamical system


Backstepping into your unfocused eyes, shut, and open your lids

Take back in the image of the valley, remember your youth

Remain as your kids

You’re going to end up changing this world, hers, and his


Walk into the valley with the portrait of the land you made in the womb

Purposely clenching each hand

Whilst aligning your nose to the star knowing

Life is grand

– S


About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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