Little lightening


I thought I felt your nose…
Woke up in the middle of a moonless night with no clothes
Naked with blue breath…froze
Like our image in picture frames
Holding a permanent pose
As these…

colorus swirl through my nose..
Must have been the warm smell of rain

Reminds me of you
this liquid, which does not stain

Always feeling the thumping of that fuchsia vein..attracted to the all
We’ll soon obtain.

Need to get the water out of my brain

Undulating back within this snow leopard sheet
Thinking thoughts that I almost never speak
Until I feel..

.. . . .. ….

…… . .. …..I thought I felt your cheek..

Woke up again, thinking your eye lashes had grazed me with a sweep

Starting to realize that I actually never went to sleep.

Tease me, pour me out of liquid form ..
Coiled up in you like follicles from Sheep
Arms warmth, like tea..

we steep.

I thought I felt your feet..
Woke up..

Oh, that’s right…



About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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