I can’t even curse you out right now
or ignore you until the next country
I end up in
to take a vow
You left me some thirty thousand feet
in the air, planes, wifi …with a text delivered…wow
Walking down shiny hospital floors
This is foul
Death and cleanliness
I’m asking mySelf “Who?”
These cliche sounds of an owl
I swear that ended my year off, with a vowel
F….f….in my mind all I heard was a howl
Everyone, even if the shirts were pristine
Mentally seemed as if they’ve been ripped
At.. every single seam
It seems
This not so not dream-dream
Felt as real as it ever could feel

If you were fighting those cells with her, in the battle of the Reaper
You almost had to smile, at how terribly beautiful life is to the ether

I really miss you
And I don’t think I’ve ever truly knew what that meant
Until that sharp dent took more than what I spent
It was dense
I don’t think anybody knew how I felt in public
Definitely not my friends
I’m on vacation comrades
Hello job
Hold on job

These car rides felt so strange
The topics were plain
But it involved you somehow
Not on the teams sheet on the field playing

But through whatever pains
We started to remember those names
who skipped beyond these galaxies
And smiles and memories down upon us
It felt like you gave us what you’ve gained
And cackled that laugh, you laughed, like only you could laugh
I am cracked

But the shattered pieces of me
Refracted all of this math
And now I see how to love you
My family
From afar, behind or beyond any star
You are my star
And you are still alive or
Still the fire ore…flame that propelled the
Newly lit dwarfs
To set course, of course
And I thank you
With every vocal cord in my throat
An every tear drop that could overflow my boat
Such a beautiful one that has transformed beyond time

And it’s fine

Because the way the Sun set when we left that establishment set, my friend, we are fine

We are so, fine’s like any beam that could gleam any energy

Cylene, the sound that if translated, means heavenly

Iove the sound of that…I love the sound of that.

About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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