Sensual Surgery


When these lids split
and the wet spheres in my face
roll back in position to sit
I awake feeling solidity
at each finger tip
in between the valley of scabs
where in the night my skin has ripped
ignoring these marks as innocuous
sailing through the day forgetting the obvious
back to black as these lids kiss
through the silence amongst the mist
she has come again tonight
to claim my skin as her cutting board
investing bliss through tiny slits
       …the sensual surgeon who’d rather leave her love letters etched in my epidermis

When the scabs heal, I’ll read your story through my scars, and never forget your purpose within my stars

It is as if, you, shine through the prism, of my prison’s bars.



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Smooth Oscillation

SONY DSCAlign your nose to the star and say “life is grand”

Boomerang smiles to the mountains, heel and toes taste the land

 As you arrive in the valley, notice the shape of it from where you stand

Resembles the “M” on the metacarpus in the middle of your hand

Within Self you have found maps

With these maps you have found facts

Through these facts your skin begins to relax

And your pores facilitate smiles, small pools, and shores

This is the life, have it

Born into the ocean of your Mother’s planet

upside down, exhaling bubbles until you meet the land, ‘ we planned it

Our control theory, living in this dynamical system


Backstepping into your unfocused eyes, shut, and open your lids

Take back in the image of the valley, remember your youth

Remain as your kids

You’re going to end up changing this world, hers, and his


Walk into the valley with the portrait of the land you made in the womb

Purposely clenching each hand

Whilst aligning your nose to the star knowing

Life is grand

– S

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Hi, in the sly.

DSC_0522Candy girl, candy girl, I’m lost in the know.

Country bumpkin but these southern streets are like snow.

Not quite sure which way you’d like us to go.

Such flickering passion which shined down below but,




-this light might be arriving six hundred million years too slow.

We’ve danced like atmospheric pressure flicker, glow; only so..

..of the hearts, was one without telescope.

Who is gold, and who gets the blow?

Who is called, and then turns back into coal?

Candy girl, candy girl, I’m as lost as the crow..

..that didn’t feel the parasitic gimmick when the bow..

..that is this relationship untied, and shot through the chest

..river blood down the back of the planet flow.

Candy girl, candy girl, she’ll never let you grow.

I could show you precious stones, I could stitch your soul.

Mist your leaves until you come into the fold, finger prints

from the lover, in hands, hold the bowl.

Candy girl, candy girl, I’m lost in the…NO?

Snow like streets, southern 60 something degrees below, would you like us to go?

Mm, but below, shined passion, flicking like three million whole.

I have to cope with your image only through a telescope.

You did the blow, who was she?



Called, pressured you, but you couldn’t turn to diamond, little coal.

Candy girl, candy girl, she’ll never let you go.

So, let me.


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Stuck, in you, mango flesh between the teeth
Everything, I knew, liquidity like laying in your pores spreading through your night
Never blue, never not us in our canoe, your everything is pursued
I just want to sleep with my left leg on you
Lately, you’ve been reminding me


maybe, I’ve been smiling like the sea
Because your light has been refracting through my waters
leaving colours twisting down into my infinity
You are a reminder that she was always meant for he..

Oui, yes



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Copper people

What happens when the tattoo lakes on the organ skin run dry?

Seeing that lovely lavender vein, beating atop your eyelids pumping blood…when I’m in. Again an again, until the strokes staccato, hemp milk spilling into an opal bottle, are you alive?
Lover, do you follow?
Ghost smoke blue nail polish, our hearts hollow, filled with seaweed vapor, on the edge of our boat, eating Scotch bonnet peppers, an avocados

We are so frozen, cold.



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Pyramid kissing scheme


Seeing what these eyes were meant to view
The lonely few sitting under star light blue
Thinking about all the what he did to who
You, with your whatever glue
Holding the old broken pieces, never new
Me, laying here with a clue
Dreaming about the nobody I never knew
Who got the juice?
Hair everywhere
What you got to lose?
Besides the care of your repetitive yesteryear
You don’t even care
But you’re so afraid of fear
You’ll do anything to never not be with your …dear?

“Oh, dear!” I said, looking at my beer
“You remind me of these roasted hops dancing over my tongue, you delectable plum..” me, and my drooling remark, whilst you remain silent with a trillion and four thoughts snapping away, like lost electricity in the dark

Snap-snap through the park


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Soul eater


I sat down today
Can’t escape, following me
You’re cracked across the face
Ready, jet set, radio future
We’re dancing, organic walls
Questions, answering
Chelsea Pier, New York
You were so easy to talk to
What a spark, be the naked breath in the dark for us
Indoors, under air, I’ll be whatever you fear
Because after all That’s only fair
What else would you need in this world besides care?
Who could ever leave you, oh no-no my dear
Listen here, if I ever had words to make you share
You’d drip cement in one ear, an allow the wind to solidify, so that you cannot hear

I am the head without hair

All of what was, I’ll remember to adhere
Drink the tear that was meant to tear…me

You look like…mm, no, but…where is she?


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