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I’ll probably end up marrying you. Then wanting a divorce even faster. Loving you forever and a day after. Stupid smiles, and even stupider plans….but we don’t have anywhere to be. I love me, you love me, and we both … Continue reading

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Today is my birthday!


So I just got informed that…

Via my step-father: “Don’t get it twisted, I’m not trying to live vicariously through you don’t disrespect me like that I’ve lived 4 lifes track star, making 6figures last 7yrs drive a big car, bikes, and own a house and … Continue reading

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If you didn’t know that I made music, here’s the chance to listen.

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No ardson.

I’m sorry I’m not the lawyer, or the doctor you wanted me to be I apologize for not being you I’m sorry for being me. Did not mean to fancy myself an individual, with black shiny eyes Should have kept … Continue reading

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So what is success? Seems like a seven letter word to me. I think more and more, people are losing the meaning, behind success. I think it goes far beyond the traditional “Get r done”, I think we can define … Continue reading

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Fly me….in a plane, watching a plane fly

I swear I’m like this little kid when I see airplanes, a trait my baby sister seems to have. Every time I see a plane in the sky everything must cease, so that I can look at it flying in … Continue reading

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