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I’ve been writing poetry since I was seven years old, and people like it; so they claim!


One day I’ll throw the phone away You know where, not to find me And it could not stay, these hints have been universally reminding me that ultimately, baby… Who could see, what the eyes are processing I always shiver, … Continue reading

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Rainbow slits 

Hell, for it represents the ghost outside the shell Making sure each droplet of soul falls into the well I am surprised, at how far they, we, fell Now the lips look for ear cartilage to press against…kiss, or tell? … Continue reading

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Little lightening

I thought I felt your nose… .. Woke up in the middle of a moonless night with no clothes Naked with blue breath…froze Like our image in picture frames Holding a permanent pose As these… colorus swirl through my nose.. … Continue reading

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Sensual Surgery

When these lids split and the wet spheres in my face roll back in position to sit I awake feeling solidity at each finger tip in between the valley of scabs where in the night my skin has ripped ignoring … Continue reading

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Stuck, in you, mango flesh between the teeth Everything, I knew, liquidity like laying in your pores spreading through your night Never blue, never not us in our canoe, your everything is pursued I just want to sleep with … Continue reading

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Copper people

What happens when the tattoo lakes on the organ skin run dry? Seeing that lovely lavender vein, beating atop your eyelids pumping blood…when I’m in. Again an again, until the strokes staccato, hemp milk spilling into an opal bottle, are … Continue reading

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Pyramid kissing scheme

Seeing what these eyes were meant to view The lonely few sitting under star light blue Thinking about all the what he did to who You, with your whatever glue Holding the old broken pieces, never new Me, laying here … Continue reading

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