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I drink glasses of cold water.

Windy Sea casts a shadow 

Today, you should get away … From the…sometime play Let me breathe, in the sometime shade ______ ___________ __ Solar key unlock the sun light safe All over me, the sometime rays _____ __ _____ __ __ _ _ ___ … Continue reading

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Moon breath

Free my from my love, lover Be it as snow which is kissed by the sun Reminding the frozen That to the core which may be broken Lay waters suspended, awaiting the ocean Free my from my love, lover Like … Continue reading

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“Chinese man creates own Lamborghini out of iron and an old van”

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Little lightening

I thought I felt your nose… .. Woke up in the middle of a moonless night with no clothes Naked with blue breath…froze Like our image in picture frames Holding a permanent pose As these… colorus swirl through my nose.. … Continue reading

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Violinist’s Physics

I want to love you, adore you You bore me, but no I cannot scuff you, I’ll cuff you I’m already coaxed We need to hate we, you hate me I’m glowing, I’m gold Little baby, lately, loving, loafed Rate … Continue reading

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Sensual Surgery

When these lids split and the wet spheres in my face roll back in position to sit I awake feeling solidity at each finger tip in between the valley of scabs where in the night my skin has ripped ignoring … Continue reading

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Smooth Oscillation

Align your nose to the star and say “life is grand” Boomerang smiles to the mountains, heel and toes taste the land  As you arrive in the valley, notice the shape of it from where you stand Resembles the “M” on the metacarpus in … Continue reading

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