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I drink glasses of cold water.


One day I’ll throw the phone away You know where, not to find me And it could not stay, these hints have been universally reminding me that ultimately, baby… Who could see, what the eyes are processing I always shiver, … Continue reading

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Wall in together now 

This wall. I wonder how many people before me, sat in this same position, eyes fixiated on the cobweb patterns of paint, reminds me of veins, fungi, bacteria, me. Why the hell do humans keep returning to this entity which … Continue reading

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I’ve been drinking about you All the water drops an all the rain Wondering my brain Walking through your Citadel Citadel Could the frost upon the plain Melt and take your roots down to the stone I refrain from letting … Continue reading

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Windy Sea casts a shadow 

Today, you should get away … From the…sometime play Let me breathe, in the sometime shade ______ ___________ __ Solar key unlock the sun light safe All over me, the sometime rays _____ __ _____ __ __ _ _ ___ … Continue reading

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Moon breath

Free me from my love, lover Be it as snow which is kissed by the sun Reminding the frozen That to the core which may be broken Lay waters suspended, awaiting the ocean Free my from my love, lover Like … Continue reading

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“Chinese man creates own Lamborghini out of iron and an old van”

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Rainbow slits 

Hell, for it represents the ghost outside the shell Making sure each droplet of soul falls into the well I am surprised, at how far they, we, fell Now the lips look for ear cartilage to press against…kiss, or tell? … Continue reading

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