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Photo by William Thielicke The observed superhydrophobic and self-cleaning property found with lotus plants leaves is called Lotus Effect. In some Eastern cultures, the lotus plant is a symbol of purity. Although lotuses prefer to grow…

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So, what is change? Change, is something non-existent. It is created for the soul purpose of  being covert, and not informing said being of pre-existing abilities. You cannot change for, everything you ever needed has been, and will eternally be … Continue reading

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Be my dead Valentine (blog)

I’ve been fascinated with the Human being for a long time. As a little kid growing up in a third world country, you tend to be more connected with the land, due to not having the luxuries of Western World distractions; the land includes … Continue reading

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On borrowed time, while your clock ticks faster.

Summer starts breaking Heart cuts making souls cry “why?!” Count your regret Blue Afraid of love Jones Bones Thrones Castles Homes Liquid Lust Crying on the street Was it everything Was it lovely energy Do you remember Lost in a … Continue reading

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Baby you can find the light.

I too have smoked Nostalgia on another day’s time. It’s been some moons since we last touched, making up the made up, with your makeup brush; but who am I, or, what am I rather, that you can’t see all … Continue reading

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